Real Estate Specialist

Real Estate Specialist in Toowoomba & Surrounds

Provide a prompt, cost effective solution to keep Property Owners, Property Managers & tenants happy.

Photos & details of works completed are always provided - all parties are kept well informed

We can repair or replace broken remote controls, broken springs, cables, hinges, motors, tracks, bearings, flashings, panels and drive sprockets.


We carry a wide range of garage door parts and in most cases can have your garage door repaired on the same day

  • Impact with Vehicle
  • Breakin damage
  • Springs or Cable issues 
  • Tenants car trapped in garage

Remote Supply & Coding 

Motor Repair or Replacement 

On-Going Maintenance 

Schedule 12-18 month servicing to ensure the longevity of garage door & motor. Fully claimable tax invoice provided. 

Just like your vehicle your Garage Door requires regular maintenance. Have your door serviced by us yearly to prevent major failures, trapped cars, noisy doors and costly repairs. We provide professional garage door repairs and garage door servicing Toowoomba & Surrounds to keep your garage door running smoothly and functioning properly.

What's included in a Roller Door Service? 

  • Realign, clean & lubricate tracks
  • Check & Tighten wall / ceiling fixings
  • Adjust & lubricate hubs
  • Re tension & lubricate springs
  • Realign curtain on drum
  • Check & Realign wall bracket
  • Check & Tighten curtain fixings on drum
  • Adjust & Tighten axle collar
  • Realign nylofelt back on curtain

What's included in a Panel Door Service?

  • Realign, clean & lubricate tracks
  • Check & Tighten wall / ceiling fixings
  • Adjust & lubricate hinges
  • Check & Tighten hinge fixings
  • Lubricate roller wheels
  • Adjust top panel hanger
  • Clean, tighten and lubricate motor rail
  • Reset, adjust motor limits & upgrade motor firmware (Compatible Brands)
  • Re tension & lubricate springs
  • Inspect & adjust cables
  • Lubricate axle bearings
  • Check & Tighten reinforcing fixings


QBE Policy Number 04U110048BPK

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